Founded in 2022


Jared and Luke have shared a passion for electric skateboards since a young age. Now they have joined forces to build Lectec with the mission of inspiring the next generation of engineers!


Pat Smith

Pat has held C-level positions at Amplify, a leader in next generation curriculum and formative assessments, and XQ Institute.

Sabrina Wuu

Sabrina got her start as a middle school teacher and is now an ed-tech sales superhero with BrainPOP.

Chuck Garcia

Chuck is a professor at Columbia University, a leadership coach, best-selling author, and a master of emotional intelligence.

Mike Kleba

Mike is a high school teacher of 25+ years, author of best-selling book "Otherful", and leader in the NYC EdTech scene.

Michael Davis

Mike was a former high school science teacher, elected to city council, and is now serving as a chair for his city's sustainability commission.

Want to join the team?

We're always looking for all star talent to help us inspire the next generation of engineers. Want to help us on our journey? Get in touch!