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"So fun that you don't even realize you're learning."

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Build your own electric skateboard, scooter, or bike

Our educational kits provide all the parts and tools needed for kids to learn about motors, pulleys, and batteries all while building something they can ride outside the classroom.

Everything to Learn, Build, and Ride


Our curriculum follows ISTE and NGSS standards where a problem based learning environment covers Motion, Physics, Engineering, + more!

Parts & Tools

All parts, tools, and assembly instructions are included with each kit. Open the box and build - with none of the hard stuff like soldering or welding.

Limitless Possibilities

Our modular system can be used to electrify anything - like a Wheelchair, Soap Box Car, Robot, GoKart, or whatever you can imagine!

"Not only are they learning how to put this motor and pulley system together, but they’re learning about what pulleys do."

Outside & ride

Ditch the phone and ride what you just built

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